Featuring some of Northern Ireland’s rock & roll royalty, Bowana have been gigging since 2015 and offer a potent brew of blues, rock, funk and soul.
Roe Butcher, on bass, was one of the linchpins of two of the north coast’s most legendary groups, XDreamysts and The Mighty Shamrocks. Roe was also long-time bassist and close friend of Henry McCullough, and played an important role in Henry’s live performances.

Drew Hamill (lead guitar) has graced rock, blues and jazz bands over the years and is possessed of a unique and fiery blues-based guitar style.
Vocalist David Kane has fronted a number of bands over the years while living in England, and has recorded in Nashville. Drummer Willis Beckett hails originally from Coleraine but has played and taught extensively in London and New Zealand.

The band stays true to the legacy of much-respected founder member guitarist Sam Nevin, who passed away in 2017. The band are working on an album for a 2018 release.