Ards International Guitar Festival 2017

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Rumours Re-Told

ards guitar festival 2017

Various artists revisit the Fleetwood Mac classic
Hosted by Lisa Flavelle

It’s been 40 years – and over 45 million sales – since Warner Brothers released Rumours, still Fleetwood Mac’s biggest selling album, and the soundtrack to a turbulent time in the band’s personal drama.

Now a cast of major talents unites for a unique one-off event to bring the album to life. The album will be performed in its entirety – side one, a special interlude and then side two, including some unique interpretations and new arrangements – by an assembled cast of performers that includes:

Donal Scullion, Brigid O’Neill, Anthony Toner, Stevie Moore, Gary Lutton, Billy Cook, Gavin Ferris, Ken Haddock, Matt McGinn, Suzy Coyle, Ellen Weir, Cormac Neeson, Emer Maguire, The Lazy Flies – with more to be confirmed…

And watch out for a special interlude section featuring alternative arrangements of some of the album favourites featuring Matthew Malcolm, Amrit Sond, Narciso Saul, Paul Mahon, Paddy Anderson, Una Clarkin and Wookalily, among others.

The performers will from time to time be accompanied by a house band that features Davy Bates, Ross Montgomery, Paul McMordie and Junior Afrifa.

The whole occasion will be hosted by Lisa Flavelle, a true music lover and Director and Presenter at Belfast 89FM.